Monday, April 11, 2011

What did you think?

Of the back nine at Augusta National?

It pretty much had it all, didn't it?

I've got an interview from Augusta National with Rhett Evans, GCSAA CEO, ready to post. It's was Rhett's first Masters and we talked about the importance of GCSAA being at that tournament. So I thought, as a precursor, I'd share this welcoming photo from Augusta National.

That's right, prior to entrance through the gates at Augusta, you can find a sign directing members of the PGA... LPGA... and the GCSAA... this-a-way. And there's no line on that side of the fence, baby!

I think it's awesome that the GCSAA gets such nice treatment from the folks at Augusta.

More soon. I'm in Cleveland at the corporate office this week, so we'll be making some good things happen at Golfdom.

Who's ready for National Golf Day? It's this Wednesday! Golfdom will be there!

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