Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hendren's Hyperbole! Episode 15 -- Haunted by No-Names

Welcome back to Hendren’s Hyperbole! What a weekend! If you love golf half as much as I do it had to be a great weekend. It was the Masters, probably my second favorite major after the U.S. Open. Anyways, a lot happened so let’s get to it!

How about Charl Schwartzel winning the Masters? How anti-climatic can a golf tournament get? Wasn’t this a major? I mean who the hell is Charl Schwartzel? Who names their kid Charl? If I had to hear Nick Price talk about the Sunshine Tour or how he had Charl as his dark horse to win the tournament one more time I was going to lose it. Look, I love me some Nick Price as much as the next guy but come on! I think a “nobody” winning a major hurts golf. Thanks for nothing Charl!

Thanks to those of you who signed up for the first Golfdom Hackoff fantasy golf league. It was a last-minute deal but we had twenty people sign up in less than a day! We will definitely do a Golfdom Hackoff fantasy league before each of the majors. I will continue to fill out my team lineup for the rest of the year so feel free to continue filling out yours as well.

The winner of the Masters edition of the Great Golfdom Hackoff was... 17466. Wow, what a team name! I know about as much about 17466 as I do about Charl!

Well, while the team name is not very impressive, 17466's win was. 17466’s starting foursome was Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker, Y.E. Yang, and Rory McIlroy. Congrats and if you shoot Seth (sjones@questex.com) your address we have a pretty cool prize from Augusta National for you. Thanks again to all of you who signed up!

What did you think of Rory’s epic meltdown? I thought it was horrible and it made me a little sick. I just hope that experience is an educational moment and not a defining moment, and I think it will be. You all remember what it was like when your 21… no? Me neither. My point exactly! I’m sure he’ll move on from that devastating meltdown and go on to do great things in the game of golf.

I wanted to do something to make Rory feel a little better and I could only think of one thing. Because Rory let down Ireland and feels badly about it I figured I would point out some even bigger Irish failures than blowing a four shot lead and dropping $1.1 MILLION DOLLARS in the process. Here goes nothing!

1. Sinead O’Connor… brutal.
2. The Cranberries… OK, I kinda like ‘em... but still horrible.
3. Denis Leary, responsible for the ridiculous TV show ‘Rescue Me,’ and a horrible tweeter.

There you go Rory! Don’t you feel better already? I know I do! Thanks for reading everybody and fire me a comment if you have a topic you would like me to write about for a future post!

Until next week!

-- Matt Hendren

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I think you should write about the time you played golf at Senecas new course and thought it was necessary to go swimming in the pond off number seven