Friday, January 14, 2011

Who will it be? -- Part 4, our best guesses yet??

OK, our WORST guesses yet...

Here's our final installment of suggesting the next GCSAA CEO. Hope you've had as much fun as we have! And good luck to GCSAA finding the right person -- we're rooting for ya!

Seth Jones, editor in chief, Golfdom magazine
Charming; deceptively young given his abundance of gray hair; member of inaugural “Leadership GCSAA” class; once bowled a 135; christened by Phoenix Environmental Care “smartest editor in the turf business”; likes to party; also, humble.
If named GCSAA CEO, would insist on making every day “jeans and a Jayhawk T-shirt day” at GCSAA headquarters. That dress code would apply to visiting superintendents, too.
Why it would work: Jones claims the staff at GCSAA still mostly like him despite his recent move to Golfdom. He could make industry leaders feel good about their own golf games when they witnessed his lousy golf game. Jones would also aggressively add an extended “happy hour” to all GCSAA functions, something we could all agree is a good idea.
Finally, two words: margarita machine.
Why it wouldn’t work:
CEO position would cause Jones to fall behind on his quest to find the world’s best chicken fried steak. Plus, Jones is currently having too much fun at his new gig with Golfdom.

The Active Ingredient, crime fighter extraordinaire

15 million/1
Sworn enemy of Dollar Spot and Fairy Ring. Also, bulletproof.
Vulnerability to anthracnose. Also, the Masked Avenger would refuse to work daytime hours. Plus, would probably insist on bringing in his sidekick, Active Ingredient Lad, to work as his receptionist -- and we all know Active Ingredient Lad is a bit pretentious.
Why it would work:
GCSAA could boast the only CEO that was a superhero! The AI could double as GCSAA CEO and security at all industry events. Also, rumor has it he likes to party. But despite rumors, he is not Seth Jones... Seth is, uh... shorter. And, Seth isn't bulletproof. But he does have a weakness to anthracnose, but that's entirely coincidental.
Why it wouldn't work:
Would golf industry feel comfortable making business deals with a man in a mask? Cape could inhibit golf swing. Also, overall superhero costume probably violates most clubhouse dress codes. The AI refuses to provide Social Security number, citing secret identity concerns. Finally there's the thought that some have, that he may be certifiably insane. I mean, really, who dresses like this?!? I know I certainly wouldn't...

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