Monday, June 06, 2011

Golf at Sunflower Hills

Had a great time playing Sunflower Hills in Bonner Springs, Kan., yesterday. Superintendent Mike Yadrich has the course looking good.

One of the many mistakes I made (along with this tee shot into the bunker, above), was when I was lining up my putt on 15... I was trying to concentrate, trying to visualize the ball dropping into the hole... and then I was distracted by the sound of a low-flying jet going over.

Rather than stopping to take a look, I stayed in my stance and missed the put on the high side. I stomped over to tap it in. As I did this, I looked over and saw 5 fighter jets, in formation and low, zipping across the sky into the distance.

The Kansas Speedway is only a few miles from Sunflower Hills. They must have been doing a fly-over for the race that was about to start. So I had my own chance at seeing the fly-over from the golf course, but I was too caught up in my own lousy score to look up and see the jets! Sheesh!

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