Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hendren's Hyperbole! Episode 20 -- Fuchsia isn't my color

Greetings from hyperbole land! I hope everyone had a great weekend watching the Players Championship. Unfortunately I did not get to watch as much of the tournament as I would have liked to but what I missed I got caught up on from Twitter and Having to catch up on golf because I couldn’t watch it live sucks but what are you going to do? Anything involving golf is better than no golf at all… words to live by, write it down.

Last night I had the opportunity to have a great meal at Capitol Grille on the Plaza with Kevin Stoltman, vice president at Questex Media, Pat Roberts, Golfdom publisher, Seth Jones, Golfdom editor-in-chief, and Tom Mentzer from Mentzer PR Group. We all threw down some awesome steaks, enjoyed a few cocktails, smoked a few cigars and had a great conversation on a movie highly recommended by Mr. Roberts. I am not going to ruin the element of surprise by mentioning the movie so next time you see him make it a point to ask him about the best movie ever!

It was great to meet these guys, I’m really enjoying being involved with Golfdom and this dinner was just one example of the fun I’ve been able to have since joining the extended Golfdom family back in January. Jones hasn't been lying when he says this is a cool, fun group of guys. (That's all of us in the purple-y cell phone pic above... it goes Jones, me and Pat in the back row, then Kevin and Tom sitting down in front of us. Fuchsia isn't our natural color, I swear.)

So how about that ending to the Players Championship?!? It was EPIC! David Toms was defeated by K.J. Choi in the first playoff hole. Toms lipped out a 3.5 foot par, his first miss inside 5 feet all week leaving the door open for Choi to sink a 2.5 foot putt for par. This was Choi’s first victory since the 2008 Sony Open in Hawaii, making K.J. the first Korean Players champion.

Granted I didn’t really have a horse in that race but every golf tournament is better with a dramatic finish in a playoff. Now we can start the countdown to the U.S. Open! Only 5 more weeks! Jonesy teased it this week in his Golfdom Insider, and I am so ready. I love all golf tournaments but the Open is my favorite. Maybe Tin Cup has something to do with that? Nah, I just love the fact that the Open is the “everyman” tournament. Anyone who is good enough to make the “cut” can play… in theory.

So what happened to Tiger? He hurt his knee again? Really? Is he in his 30s or his 50s? Fred Funk’s back thinks Tiger is baby. I’m sure his knee is hurt. I’m not questioning that… but why would he try to play in a tournament he has said he doesn’t like in the first place if he has a bad wheel?

Of course, I have the answer: Tiger has to be thinking the sooner he does something besides swear and throw clubs on the course the sooner people, like me, will forget his troubles off the course. Good luck with that El Tigre! It is apparent he shouldn’t have pushed. He just needs to shut it down for the rest of the year and get his body right, along with his mind and try again next year. When it rains it pours, huh Tiger?

Until next time,

-- Matt Hendren

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