Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hendren's Hyperbole! Episode 19 -- Scratch for the beard???

Welcome back to another installation of Hendren’s Hyperbole! Hopefully everyone’s week is flying by in anticipation of this week’s Players Championship. The Players championship is one of my favorite tournaments of the year and with a $9,500,000 purse every player worth anything will be competing.

Congratulations to Lucas Glover’s beard for the win last week at the Wells Fargo championship. Lucas’s beard defeated former Clemson teammate Jonathan Byrd on the first playoff hole for the win and a sweet giant check for $1,170,000. What does a beard do with that kind of scratch? Buy a gross of giant beard combs? Purchase a state of the art beard trimmer? Acquire some industrial strength mustache wax? Whatever the beard decides to purchase I’m sure it will be well worth the money.

On a completely unrelated note, when I returned from vacation last week I learned that one of my employees had flipped a zero turn mower off a rock wall about 15 feet tall. Luckily the roll bar did its job and he wasn’t hurt. The mower has seen better days but, most important, no one was hurt.

I have lots of other stories about mowers being rolled and other crazy “accidents.” I want to hear about your unbelievable employee “accidents.” I’m sure we all have some stories that even you wouldn’t believe could happen if you weren’t there to witness it in person.

Shoot me your stories and I will recap the best ones in a later entry.

I hope you all are gearing up for summer and getting yourself pumped to haul a hose all over God’s green earth. Today it is about 90 in Kansas City and June isn’t even here yet! I love Kansas summers!

Well, I better get back to it. Those greens aren’t going to syringe themselves.

Until next week….

-- Matt Hendren

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