Thursday, June 20, 2013

We're moving! (the blog, that is)

Well, guess what?

Now that the blog is kicking all sorts of ass (back-to-back TOCA awards for best blog in the business, all-time highs in hits per month; the best coverage of crazy sinkholes in the biz) it's time to move it.


Yes, we're moving. Please bookmark this new location for the Golfdom Daily:

Why would we do such a thing? Well, we want all our internet traffic to go to our homepage over at where you can find all our GolfdomTV interviews, a historic archive of the magazine dating back to 1927 and the latest industry news.

All of the contents of this blog has been imported to the new address, so nothing will be lost. And we'll get to work on the look of the new site, with fun stuff like photos, polls, complete randomness, etc.

I might make one more post over here... but from then on, we're at the new site.

Thanks for your continued support of Golfdom, and all our many media outlets!


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