Monday, June 03, 2013

US Open crew walks to raise money for Oklahoma

The crew at Merion Golf Club is working even harder this week than normal, in preparation for next week's U.S. Open.

But they're not just working for the golfers and the TV cameras this week... they're also working for the folks hurt by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Led by superintendent Arron McCurdy, the crew at Merion is logging all the miles they walk this week. They're calling it "Walk to the US Open," and they're looking for people to donate money for every mile they walk (or a flat donation) that will go to the American Red Cross.

The details are below. Click here to donate to the cause. As of this writing, the crew has raised $310... I'm sure that will grow in the upcoming days. (And nice job, Pat Douglas, putting in 17 miles on Sunday! Wow!)

From the website:

BENEFITING: American Red Cross
EVENT DATE: Jun 02, 2013
Merion Golf Club’s Green Department is in the final stages of preparations for the U.S. Open taking place June 10th through the 16th.  We are working long hard hours to ensure a successful Championship. Upon the tragedy in Oklahoma, Merion’s staff wanted to find a way to help the communities affected by this terrible event. 

Merion is located on a relatively small piece of property. To limit wear on the golf course our employees walk as a means of transportation during the majority of the jobs as opposed to utilizing carts.  On a given day many of our employees will walk well over 10 miles to get the job done. 

During the week prior to the championship our efforts will be at a maximum and our employees are motivated to work even harder for a great cause.  Our staff will be wearing pedometers during the week of June 2nd to June 8th.  We are asking you for an initial donation with an incentive pledge for every 500 miles we walk (example: $50 dollars initial, with another $50 dollar promise if we break 500 miles, or an additional $100 if we break 1,000 miles). This website will be updated daily during that week so you can track our progress.  Each day we will post our total miles, as well as the days top walker and overall leader.  We are estimating between one to two thousand miles walked that week. Thank you very much for your generous donation.



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