Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Twitter Q&A with Chase Rogan, TV's Joe Schmo

  1. Hey Chase, in honor of the final episode of Spike's Joe Schmo Show airing tonight, how about a quick Twitter Q&A?
  2. OK... I saw you run thru like 5 doors on TV, when it was supposed to be set up for u to lose. Did that hurt?
  3. My adrenaline was cranking, I can't say I felt much. Except for the rush of possibly wearing the immunity vest.
  4. U beat Lorenzo Llamas and he's built like an NFL linebacker. Did u trash talk Lorenzo? Is he that big, or TV magic?
  5. he's a pretty big guy, and fit. I'm not typically a trash talker, so I let my "play" do the talking.
  6. They "gave" u a llama last ep. Did u ever have a thought about how u'd take care of it in Pittsburgh? ?
  7. Grass? I think? My parents have a farm about 90 miles north of Said Llama would have loved it. And me too.
  8. Did llama have a name? What 'spirit animal' would u hve preferred? 4 me, I'd go with a Bud Ice penguin.
  9. Hahaha If I coulda brought him home, he would be Llama Llamas. I prefer fox for obvi reasons.
  10. I ask this of everyone... what's ur beer of choice? I notice the labels are covered up on the show.
  11. Some blue moon, and some local LA micros that were very enjoyable. I dig a good .
  12. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin... glad Jake's wife didn't hit on u in the show, because... DAMN.
  13. Well done ! I know u were recognized at the . Has the frequency of being spotted with a "Hey, !" increased much?
  14. It's becoming more frequent, but it's always fun. Much to the fans!
  15. Final episode on tonight 10 pm EST, Any big plans? Will Lorenzo be with you? How about the immunity vest?
  16. Ill be w friends and family. My llama painting and casual pouch will also be in attendance. joeschmo
  17. Thanks for giving ur time! I'll leave u alone now, we'll be watching tonite rooting u on!

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