Friday, December 23, 2011

Check out the December issue

Hey everyone,

We're still here, it's just been a busy time this week -- trying to get out from under a PILE of receipts and expense reports, and then the double whammy yesterday... my five-year-old has a mild case of pneumonia. YIKES! She's doing better right now, but yeah, this week has been a mess.

The Golfdom office is officially closed next week, but I'll still be around here and there, trying to get caught up on some things while the office voice mail is saying, "We're closed this week! Woo-hoo!"

In the meantime, here is the December Golfdom, if you haven't seen it hit your mailbox yet. It should be there any day now, I've received mine already. Check out Clark's piece on painting greens, good stuff there!


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